How To Get Started With DJ Mixing Software

Between software and controllers, the latest DJ tools present a world of possibilities.

Mixing software like Virtual DJ is widely considered the most economic choice amongst DJs seeking a basic mix building experience. It can be operated on either a Mac- or Windows-based controller, but doesn’t require DJ controllers to operate to the fullest extent. Two tracks may be played and beat-matched at once, and tracks may be imported from any folder or media player library.

Torq DJ is a slightly more complex program. It conforms to the common DJ software layout format, and features the possibility for mixing four decks at once. Torq also features all the basic functions: beat-matching, internal mixer, soundcard capabilities, and a waveform display. The layout may be crowded, but can be adjusted for comfort. Torq is largely accepted as being the beginning of professional DJ mixing software. DJ software like Virtual DJ is mostly used for use at home or private parties, whereas Torq is often used at clubs and stage performances. Many local and online audio retailers sell a complete version of Torq off the shelf, but it may also be downloaded online.

Traktor presents an extremely diverse mixing software experience, perhaps the most vibrant of the four top softwares. It can be purchased as Duo 2, Scratch Duo 2 , Pro 2, or Scratch Pro 2. Duo 2 and Pro 2 are only mixing software; the Duo boasts two-track mixing, and Pro boasts four-track mixing. Native Instruments also produces the Audio 2, 6, and 10 DJ audio interfaces, all of which can be applied to any Traktor and other audio software. They’re highly reputed in the DJ community, alongside Traktor software. Traktor is also compatible with different digital DJ mixers, which includes some of the finest mixers in the world. It’s also famous for its excellent timecoded vinyl experience, which has been demonstrated around the world by the renowned DJ Grandmaster Flash. Richie Hawtin, Carl Craig, Carl Cox, and Ean Golden are some of the most renowned users of this software. Traktor is available around the world at local and online audio retailers, but can also be downloaded.

Serato is a based dominantly around the timecoded vinyl experience. It produces its own line of tomcod vinyl, works essentially in conjunction with Rane instruments, and boasts a clean, minimal on-screen layout that is highly preferred by many turntablist DJ’s. It can also be used as only DJ mixing software, and doesn’t require turntables to be used. DJ Atrak and DJ Jazzy Jeff, both legendary turntablists, use Serato exclusively. Serato Scratch Live comes equipped with the SL2 audio interface, whereas the SL3 pack comes equipped with an edition capable of controlling video as well as audio. SL4 allows up to four turntables to be used at once. Serato is the industry standard at odds with Traktor, and, although applicable to any kind of DJ, is mainly accessible by hip hop, rap, and turntablist DJ’s. Serato is available for free from their official website, whereas SL hardware is available at online and local retailers.…

Different Types Of DJ Equipment & Software

DJ MIDI, HID, and mixer controllers are very diverse in today’s market. Before purchasing, it’s important to compare DJ controllers so you know which one would be ideal for your style, are of the highest quality and best value for your budget.

Some of the most revered manufacturers are Akai, Novation, and Native Instruments. The Native Instruments Kontrol series has been on the rise in the last few years, and Serato Itch has accompanied different models of deck-based controllers produced by Numark, Vestax and Pioneer. Akai was once vastly reputed for their drum machines in the 90’s and 2000’s, and now boasts very high quality controllers, which can be used with almost any audio software.

Many controllers come bundled with LE programs: primarily Traktor LE and Virtual DJ LE. This is a modified and simplified version of the program designed to accommodate specially designed controllers.

One may notice that such controllers as those by Hercules, Reloop, and Vestax feature two JOG wheels, an integrated mixer, and an audio-thru panel on the back. These are usually the kinds of controllers that will come packaged with an LE program. The Native Instruments Kontrol S4 is perhaps the most successful in the last two years, which comes equipped with Traktor.

Otherwise, any kind of software will likely specify which devices are compatible with it. Multiple Rane mixers were designed to be used with Serato, and many more brands have produced mixers that function as digital controllers for Traktor (such as Ecler, Pioneer, and Allen & Heath).

Digital vinyl systems are also a popular option. Virtual DJ, Torq, Traktor and Serato all accommodate. Serato is widely considered the finest vinyl system, however, whereas Traktor is often denoted for its versatility. A test by DJ Qbert once confirmed that the mixing quality between Serato timecodes and Traktor timecodes is actually indecipherable. Any timecode vinyl can be used on any software, whereas audio interfaces are sometimes more specific. Native Instruments often designs for Traktor; the same for Serato. Timecode CDs may also be used in CD players, which would allow for more control overall.

However, timecode is designed specifically (but not exclusively) for turntablists overall. Serato and Traktor Scratch might appeal to hip hop, rap and dubstep DJs, whereas Traktor Duo or Pro might appeal to house or techno DJs.There are many brands, models, and names in the DJ market today. Diversity like this simply can’t be met with disappointment.…

DJ Equipment You’ll Need To Record Podcasts

If you are interested in making DJ podcasts, it is a good idea to fill yourself in with what’s required first. The DJ equipment required for podcasting is not very expensive to begin with. Very high skills are not required either for DJ podcasting.

For a beginner not many types of equipment are required. You can start with the computer which you most likely own already, recording equipment, recording software and a microphone are all the DJ equipment you require.

  • Computer. As a beginner it is enough to have your old computer. It must have a sound card. As the time passes and you acquire skills in podcasting you may shop for a better computer. The new one must have a RAM of 512 MB and must be able to run Microsoft Windows XP. The hard disc must have enough space to accommodate all your podcast downloads and all your podcast audio files. When you buy a new computer make sure that the sound card has line-in and line-out jacks. Jacks are also required for headphones and microphones. All these jacks are to be placed in the front for easy control. A high speed internet connection is also needed.
  • Recording software. Recording software is available on the internet to be downloaded free of cost.
  • Voice recorder. A voice recorder is an essential DJ equipment for podcasting. When you go for a new one, make sure that it has professional quality. A portable voice recorder is very useful.
  • Microphones. A good set of microphones are necessary. If you have a good quality portable voice recorder, you need not buy microphones separately. Microphones are built into the portable recorders.

Pop filter is an optional DJ equipment you can buy to increase the quality of your podcast. Some popping sounds are coming along with certain words. The pop filters cut out such sounds. Pop filters also suppress the hissing sound. These pop filters must be placed between the mouth and the microphone. A microphone stand also must be added to you DJ equipment to free your hands for better control. A good brand of mixer and a USB interface will add to the quality of your podcast considerably. While you go professional you may surely require an office and a recording studio. This will be especially convenient when you start recording and publishing podcasts regularly.

If you want to take up podcasting seriously, go all out for that. You will master it in a short while. Even if you buy some professional equipment, they are not very expensive. There are some really goods brands in the market to choose from. Because of completion and mass production the prices have come down drastically, of late. Podcast studio kits of many reputed manufacturers cost less than £100 per kit. A word of caution is that when you buy the equipment, insist upon some of the better known brands for their quality. While you gain experience you will be able to master the art. Before long you will be a star in podcasting.…

Getting The Best DJ Equipment For Music Events

Even as electronic music services, and cloud-based radio stations, begin to dominate how people listen to music and entertain themselves, nothing can replace the presence of a live DJ at events as diverse as weddings and nightclub celebrations. From psy trance music to electronica, music in events can only be as good as the quality of its sound system. Those DJs need a great deal of equipment in order to accomplish their goal of entertaining and impressing the masses, of course, and those novice DJs who are just getting started in the profession are probably a bit overwhelmed by all of the equipment that they think they’ll need. The list isn’t actually as long as many people think it is, however, with a few basic pieces serving to get the job done much better than an elaborate layout of amps, turntables, multiple laptops, and excessive light bars.

dj equipment

However once you do have the basic equipment, it’s time to master more complex gear to make your music sound great and even make it look visually inviting with laser lighting and effects. DJ Deals is the place in the UK to find the quality basic kit you need and every other essential DJ mixers, amps, controllers, gears, and decks you could imagine. So you could create an epic night, whether it’s in a bar, club or just practicing in your bedroom.

So, What Type of Equipment Does a DJ Need for a Music Event?

The equipment needed for a highly entertaining music event is actually quite basic, and most DJs will have an “oh yeah!” moment when they review the list. Generally speaking, the list of things required for most DJs can be broken down into tools that play music and tools that give that music a bit of life and personality throughout the night. Trusted manufacturers for headphones, microphones, and mixing consoles include Soundcraft, Sennheiser, Sony, and Alto. These high quality equipments are industry standard in the UK. Among those who use them are British voice over artists and producers in London.…

Adding Some Pizzazz: Focusing on the DJ Equipment Lighting

Finally, it’s important for DJs to pick up the right lighting equipment to give their event a bit of excitement while the music plays. While music is certainly the star of the show, the right lights can set the mood with each song, encouraging and elevating the good mood that will keep attendees enjoying the show throughout the night. Light bars, strobe lights, spotlights, and other products, are affordable and exciting ways to give every event just the push it needs to be both memorable and highly enjoyable.

After DJs have ensured that their tunes will be heard, they need to make sure that their night will be remembered. When great music is paired with a fantastic show of lights, there is no doubt that the event will stick in the minds of attendees for quite some time to come. Amplifiers are another crucial piece of the puzzle, ensuring that all of a DJ’s mixes will be properly broadcast to the audience dancing with and enjoying the music. Amps can be purchased in a number of standard wattages, and they’re generally able to be paired up, or daisy-chained, in order to amplify different spaces using different wattages. Beginners in the field should buy a number of amps with moderate power, and combine them when necessary.

Finally, it’s a good idea to ensure that the DJ can be heard as loudly and clearly as the music they’re playing. This is where a great microphone comes in quite handy. With the right microphone, DJs can reduce noise or interference while projecting their voice loudly enough to introduce tracks and encourage the participation of all those in attendance.…

Where Can you Buy DJs Equipment and More

Having a shopping list is only useful when DJs know exactly where to go to fulfil each of their needs. In a world that has shifted squarely to online commerce, rather than offline retailers, finding products online might be the best way to combine the right equipment with an excellent price. In fact, it’s generally easier to get more for the money when pursuing online retailers and wholesalers of DJ equipment, which might be of particular appeal to those who are new to the profession and need to buy a lot of different pieces up front.


Shopping offline also has its advantages, however, the most notable of which is being able to see, handle, and test products before they’re actually selected. As far as DJing is concerned, this is actually a pretty big benefit. Remember that each speaker sounds a little different from the others, and each light bar or strobe light will project that light in a different way. Being able to see and test those products in advance will ensure greater satisfaction upon purchase.

In all, the best approach is probably to make a robust list of required items, and then set out to see them in person. Compare the best items, and their prices, with those available online. Select the retailer that offers the right product at the best price, and success in the world of life music and entertainment will be easily within reach.…